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 With the development of China's industrial boom, especially by leaps and bounds in terms of non-ferrous metal casting. On Haifunaishi Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd. came into being. On Haifunaishi Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd. in line with the purpose of energy conservation, environmental protection, to the needs of users and requirements as a starting point, designed and manufactured the most suitable for the majority of cast aluminum industry's need for aluminum including financial and insulation series of industrial furnaces and aluminum heat treatment furnace and related equipment.
The company has the technology has a strong, experienced, rigorous style of work of professional and technical team, long-term commitment to energy conservation and environmental protection of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials R & D and engineering applications. The company also has an excellent customer service team, in a timely manner to provide users with installation, commissioning, put into service, allowing users to get the enjoyment of the "worry". Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd on Haifunaishi will follow "Our technology is your wealth, your wealth is our success" service concept, our core technology and dedicated service and dedication to provide you with excellent thermal performance equipment, industrial furnaces, and world-class energy saving and environmental protection technology.
Company team of key personnel are engaged in long-term aluminum gold melting furnace and aluminum heat treatment furnace and related equipment design and manufacturing professionals. Mutatis mutandis to the domestic industry with the design advantages from the introduction of foreign advanced technology, absorbing, excellence, relying on its own unique scientific and rational, humane design philosophy, design and manufacture of a popular and accepted for the majority of cast aluminum industry series of aluminum melting furnaces and aluminum gold heat treatment furnaces and related equipment, and the praise of industry veteran.

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